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A Swiss technologies, this thermoplastic may be the materials employed in all of our sunglasses (with the exception of our steel frames). Its intense flexibility, sturdiness and gentle excess weight allow it to be an ideal materials for efficiency eyewear.


TR90 is ridiculously versatile. This can be one on the causes why our frames are so comfy. Versatility also contributes to sturdiness and security because a body with higher versatility is additional probably to soak up impacts and resist breaking.


TR90 Eyeglasses frame's durability is a by-product of its versatility. A highly flexible frame is less most likely to interrupt below tension or impact than a more rigid frame.


As with any bit of high-performance equipment, excess weight is an important factor. TR90 is incredibly light-weight, which contributes for the ease and comfort of our eyewear and the inclination to neglect you?¡¥re wearing it.


All of our TR90 frames have hydrophilic [anti-slip] nose pads and a lot of use this engineering within the temple guidelines. This substance is so helpful that it essentially grips improved when it?¡¥s wet ?a exactly when it?¡¥s necessary.


Adjustable nose pads are out there on a few of our styles. A fantastic feature for customizing the fit of your eyeglasses, they are specifically valuable for those with hard-to-fit faces and anybody who needs to support lengthy eyelashes. Past fit, adjustable nose pads allow you modify airflow and air flow guiding the lens by giving the ability to increase or lower the area in between the glasses and your encounter. The VTX body options adjustable temple recommendations along with adjustable nose pads so it is possible to give your self a complete custom match.

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